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Our doctors serve with a deep respect for the dignity and value of all persons. Our practice of quality care, our dedication to the poor and our commitment to education make our doctors valuable assets to our community. St. John Medical Center provides for the ever-changing health care needs of a diverse population. It is a model in Northeast Ohio for a Catholic, Mission-driven community centered, urban healthcare delivery system. If you need help in finding a doctor that is not listed in this directory, please call our Physician Referral Line at 1-877-597-6348.

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Full NamePrimary SpecialtyCity
Abiose, Ademola Cardiology Westlake
Abouassaly, Robert Urology Cleveland
Achanti, Babu Neonatology Cleveland
Adija, Akinyi Pediatrics Solon
Adornetto, Michael Internal Medicine Westlake
Ahmad, Aisha Emergency Medicine Westlake
Ahmed, Iqbal Gastroenterology Westlake
Ahmed, Ismail Cardiology Westlake
Ahmed, Razia Psychiatry Westlake
Akbar, Khalid Pediatrics Lorain