Women's Health Services

Patient Testimonials

"I looked forward to my prenatal appointments with Colleen Brezine.  She makes an effort to connect with each patient and does not make the appointments feel rushed. The staff at Colleen's office are very friendly and make each appointment enjoyable. Based on Colleen's reputation for supporting natural childbirth, I switched to using her as my Midwife in my seventh month of pregnancy.  My experience was wonderful and I am thrilled I made the switch even though it was late in my pregnancy." - Brigit Van Oosten

  • Brigit Van Oosten

"Colleen Brezine is the most amazing person/midwife, who also introduced me to the wonderful Doula Rae.  Together they make a team you cannot beat.  My husband thought the labor and delivery with Colleen and Doula Rae was an electrifying experience.  He still raves about the energy that was in the air during the labor." - Annmarie Barta

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