Women's Health Services

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding is a learned skill, like learning to cook; it requires patience and practice. At St. John Medical Center we support the practice of breastfeeding by providing the following classes and support:

Preparation Class for Breastfeeding Prenatally

Taught by a lactation consultant every other month in the evening. Link to the Childbirth and Educational Classes for times and locations and how to register for the class (click here).

Lactation Consultants while you're in the hospital

During your postpartum stay lactation consultants will make a complementary visit during this period to assess how baby is feeding and support you with information and suggestions on breastfeeding techniques.


Breastfeeding Questions and Support:

A breastfeeding telephone link is also available to leave questions for the lactation consultants who will get back with you within 24 hours. The telephone number is 440-827-5451.

If there is an emergency or baby is ill always call your pediatrician or go to the Emergency Department.

Support Group

A no-charge support group is offered postpartum every Wednesday at 10 am in the Community Outreach Room. Mom and baby are invited to join other mothers to discuss successes and issues to make their breastfeeding experience more rewarding. It is a great networking group for support. No registration is required.

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